Upgrade in Belgrade

Our company recently had the opportunity to install a smart home system in a large apartment complex in the heart of Belgrade. The building management was looking for ways to modernise the complex and offer the latest technology to the residents.

The project involved retrofitting the entire building with smart technology, including the installation of smart locks on all doors, smart thermostats in each unit and a centralised lighting control system for common areas. We also installed video surveillance cameras for added security.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was the limited access to the units during the installation. We had to work around the residents' schedules and could only access the units at certain times of the day. Despite this, our team was able to complete the installation of all the smart technology in just 3 weeks.

To keep the project on budget, we sourced all the equipment from online retailers. We chose equipment that was compatible with the existing infrastructure and easy to install. The building management were happy with the end result and the residents were delighted with the new smart technology in their homes.

For example, the smart locks allowed residents to control access to their homes using their smartphones, while the smart thermostats allowed them to control the temperature and monitor energy consumption remotely. The centralised lighting control system helped the building management to save energy costs by allowing them to control lights in common areas and turn them off when not in use.

In summary, our experience of retrofitting a large apartment complex with intelligent technology has been a great success. Despite the challenges, our team was able to complete the project on time and on budget. The building management and residents were delighted with the new technology and the added convenience and security it provided. As a smart home installation company, we are always looking for ways to modernise buildings and provide residents with the latest technology, and this project was a great example of how we were able to do just that.