Smart Home in new apartments

One of our recent projects involved the installation of a smart home system in a newly built house in Belgrade, Serbia. The homeowner, a young professional, wanted to have full control over his home and energy consumption and wanted to install a smart home system to achieve this.

The project was completed in just two days without any major renovations. Our team of experts worked quickly and efficiently to install the necessary equipment, including smart light switches, a smart thermostat and a smart leak detection system.

To keep the cost of the project down, we sourced all the equipment from online retailers. We chose devices that were compatible with the homeowner's existing home network, which made the installation process much easier.

The smart light switches were installed throughout the house, allowing the homeowner to control the lighting in each room using his smartphone or voice commands. The smart thermostat was connected to the central heating system, allowing the homeowner to set the temperature and monitor energy usage remotely. The smart leak detection system was installed to monitor for potential water leaks and alert the homeowner in the event of an emergency.

The homeowner was delighted with the end result of the project. He was now able to control his home and energy consumption remotely, which not only added convenience but also helped him save on energy costs.

In conclusion, our experience of installing a smart home system in a newly built house in Belgrade was a great success. We were able to source all the necessary equipment at an affordable price and install it in just two days without any major renovations. The homeowner was thrilled with the end result and our team was happy with the outcome. As a smart home installation company, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our customers take full control of their home and energy consumption. Using online retailers as a source of equipment was a great success in this project, keeping the overall cost of the project down and making it accessible to everyone.