Reinventing the comfort

Smart home technology has revolutionised the way we live, offering greater comfort, convenience and energy efficiency. As a smart home installer, we have extensive experience of implementing such systems in residential properties and were recently approached by a customer who wanted to add climate and light control to their home without having to carry out a major renovation. We accepted the challenge and are pleased to share the details of our experience with you.

Our team carried out a thorough analysis of the property and identified the best options for implementing a smart home system. The client had already installed window treatments that were compatible with the Zigbee protocol, allowing them to be controlled remotely via a smartphone or voice assistant. This made our job much easier.

We then installed smart light switches that could also be controlled remotely via a smartphone or voice command. This was achieved by connecting the switches to the existing wiring, eliminating the need for additional wiring or renovation.

In addition to controlling the lights, the smart switches were also connected to the existing window treatments, allowing the client to easily control and schedule the opening and closing of the curtains or blinds. This was achieved by replacing the traditional window treatment switches with smart ones that were also compatible with the Zigbee protocol.

The customer was delighted with the end result, as they were now able to remotely control the lighting and window treatments in their home without any additional renovation. Our team was also pleased with the outcome, as we were able to deliver a fully functional and efficient smart home system that greatly enhances the comfort and energy efficiency of the property.

In summary, our experience of implementing a smart home system in a residential property without renovation has been a great success. We were able to use the existing infrastructure and add smart devices to improve the comfort and efficiency of our customer's home. As a smart home installation company, we are proud to have been able to provide this service and would be happy to help others do the same in their homes. The installation of the smart switches was seamless and required no renovation, yet the result was a fully functional and efficient smart home.